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2015-Feb-3 - gy should be ma

Mount Royal University president deems condom slogan created

Students at Calgary Mount Royal University have come under Wholesale Handbags intense scrutiny from peers, faculty and even the institution president after planning to distribute up to 1,000 condoms with the message get inside on them.

Those most bothered by the initiative, steered by moderators with the MRU Confessions Facebook page, are alleging the slogan rape culture and demand an apology.

was absolutely disgusted, said Katie Wotherspoon, who studies social work at MRU. something like that, I took it offensively not only from my own perspective but from that of the victim who might see something like that. Docherty, buy fake oakleys university president, was quick to point out both his staff and the campus students association had no involvement with the controversial campaign. Docherty also highlighted numerous sexual awareness events are held on campus annually, including one this Thursday.

But, even still, he conceded being frustrated.

just takes us a step backwards because 2 3 people didn really think of the implications of what they were doing, Docherty said. disheartening and sad I hope people learn from it. Tuesday, the moderators of the page said they intend to solicit a new slogan from one of nearly 7,000 followers of their Facebook page, but maintained the condoms fake oakleys were meant purely as an joke. weren made aware of the gravity of it until people started mentioning it to us publicly . . . I say that, on our part, maybe we should have though it through, said one man, who refused to give his name and identified himself only as 2. people say stupid things, some people laugh at stupid things and sometimes you just don realize what other people are going to think about it that all, the administrator Wholesale Bags added.

Debate over proper sexual consent and women rights have surged to the forefront in recent months after student led pro rape chants surfaced at both St. Mary University and the University of British Columbia.

Jane Drover, a woman literature professor at the university, said there was no excuse for the condom slogan, adding other professors she discussed the matter with are She noted that UBC in particular has seen a string of sexual assaults in recent weeks.

these things that are very real are going on, these puerile little boys are laughing to themselves, saying this is funny, she said.

Tensions on Mount Royal campus over the slogan came to a head after an opinion piece was published by staff with student newspaper, The Reflector, which deemed the condoms rape paraphernalia. Facebook page administrators dismissed those claims as and said the slogan was a play on an event called Anonymous, they hosted at Cowboys Dance Hall for Mount Royal students Oct. 24. said the intention was to distribute the condoms at the event but could not confirm whether that actually happened.

Todd Colin Vaughan, the paper's publishing editor, said the opinion piece about the slogan, penned by web editor Nathan Ross, had the backing of all his staff.

Ross, meanwhile, said he found the message to be Confessions has unfortunately become one Wholesale Sunglasses of the biggest faces for the school online right now and I don think that Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses the face that students or administration want, he said. think it should be changed, I think an apology should be made by the administrators and I think that they lost the privilege to be anonymous . . . I think, when you dealing with rape culture, a blank mask is the worst image you could have to represent yourself. Gaye Warthe, chair of the Mount Royal department of social work and disability studies, said there is far more at play than a simple gag.

when we talk about casual sex we never say you shouldn know your partner, she said, adding, Get Inside sounds a little too much like the person really wasn in a position to consent that there was no knowledge between the two (partners) and that never sounds like safe sex. a social worker of 35 years, stressed the message offered by the page creators does not reflect by and large the general opinions of staff and faculty at Mount Royal.

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2015-Feb-3 - ine Soccer, with

Physical Education Activities

Guide To Useful Physical Education ActivitiesIts important to have a guide to useful physical education activities stored in the brain when you teach Physical Education especially at the elementary level. Young teachers are constantly looking for those quick, easy and fun ideas to just pop into a lesson should the attention span within the class start to diminish. This hub will introduce you to some Physical Education activities that are best for elementary students and great for young teachers or teachers who quickly need to regain students attention

Getting The Class OrganizedGetting the class organized Cheap Bags and ready to go is a the first step so make it easy on yourself. If the children are close enough to bother each other when you're trying to speak they probably will so the best trick is to keep them a little bit spread out when you're just beginning the class.

A great idea is to put X's down on the floor and assign each student to their very own X. this way they have a spot of their own to go when they first come into the gym and when you are ready to change activities.

If X's on the floor are not possible in your gym then use polyspots.

Partner ActivitiesGet the students formed into a circle. If you don't have a circle painted on your gym floor it is much easier if you do get custodians to paint you some necessary lines.

At the circle, there are a number of things you can do to get the students back on Cheap Handbags track or motivated to move.

Have students sit behind a partner. They love partners. Give them three seconds to do this. When they have their partner. Tell them to spread out a little then give them some simple challenges. I like to see if they canhold hands and do the task of "ring the dish rag". That is lift arms, both go under and under again and end up facing each other again, all without letting go of hands. Try the back to back stand up. Start by sitting back to back with arms locked with partners arms. Without using hands or arms, try to stand up. and then maybe try doing a wheebarrow walk. One partner hold other partners legs while that partner walks on hands.

Just a little variety in the course of the activity helps you and the kids to focus. Back at the circle, you will see now that kids are more ready to listen to new or a review of directions for the next activity.

Circle GamesKids love the game of Break Out. That is stand at circle, hold hands, one person in the middle. Teacher says 1,2,3, Breakout. Child runs through two peoples arms then those two chase around and back to their spot. If caught, whoever caught the person is in the middle otherwise whoever was closest to catching him/her is in the middle.

A good resting game is the KEY GAME or the TOKEN Game. Played like Duck Duck Goose but kids are sitting, hands behind their back and key or token is dropped in their hands. If dropped in their hand they chase child around and back to spot.

Parachute activities are good circle activities as well and the kids love these games.

Circle with a ball, Pattern games are fun. Make up a pattern, pass the ball in the same order each time. If they get good at that, add another ball and maybe another.

Line GamesFavorite line games for the little ones are What TIme Is IT MR. FOx. Very old game but still very popular. Sharks and Minnows, Line Soccer, with more that one foam ball for maximum fitness.

Old Mother Witch, Replica Handbags Red Rover Red Rover, Uncle Sam, Cowboys and Indians. There are so many line games. You can make up just about anything you want. Whatever is popular at the moment is what you might want to call a new game. I've played Ninja Turtle games, Star wars games, Pokeman games and whatever other things are the popular kid oriented fads at the given time.

Post CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments Replica Bags are not for promoting your Hubs or other sites.

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2015-Feb-3 - eye candy to

The Cowboys can run away with the NFC East

Tony Romo is completing 72 percent of his passes and has thrown six touchdowns but just one interception through the season's first three games.

Related Stories With Jerry Jones running Cowboys football operation, Dallas in for Doomsday 2013 NFL Preview: Super Bowl XLVIII road chi hair straighteners will have twists and turns. and end in New York Tony Romo throws two picks as Cowboys blow 26 3 leadto Packers Chicago Bears retire Mike Ditka's number, crushCowboys behind Josh McCown's career day

From his studio chair on the Fox pregame show last week, Johnson summed up perfectly the recurring mess that has been Cowboys football these last several years with the unabashed confidence of opening day giving way to downright despair of the final whistle.

"I think it's a consensus the Cowboys probably have the best talent in the division," Johnson said. "They've had the best talent so many years and they've won one playoff game chi hair products in 16 years.

"There's a disease in Dallas; it's called 'optimistic infection,'" he went on. "What they'll do is they'll win a game and all of a sudden they start strutting around and patting themselves on their backs like they're Super Bowl champions and then they slip like they did last week against Kansas City It's called optimistic infection, and they are still looking for the cure."

At 2 1, the Cowboys are again feeling good about themselves. They are coming off a 31 7 throttling of the Rams that was as complete a game and, just as importantly, as efficient a game as they have played in some time. And the NFC East is there for the taking.

Then there are the Giants, whose offensive line seems determined to chi flat irons end Eli Manning's durability streak. They will trudge into the cauldron of Arrowhead Stadium to do battle with the Chiefs as Andy Reid continues his sweep of the NFC East.

Still, there hangs in the air the one hope of those three teams: that the Cowboys are the Cowboys. They'll find some way to screw this up.

Sunday, they must not play that way or they could be back in the heap of mediocrity that is the division. With the Eagles set up in Denver as Peyton Manning's next hapless victim, a Dallas win in San Diego would almost certainly give the Cowboys a two game lead as they head back home to face Manning themselves. But lose the next two and they'll be facing a familiar line of questioning about just a prediction here Jason Garrett's play calling, Tony Romo's smarts and Dez Bryant's behavior.

Now, there are a couple of signs that things might be different.

Daily News Readers alert Going forward, the Daily News will require new users to register to the site using full names in order to comment on stories. If you have an existing Daily News account and you registered with only a screen name, that name will still be valid. If you are an existing user and you registered using both a screen name and your full name, your full name chi flat iron website will appear on comments posted after October 21, 2013. We are always seeking new ways to improve your experience and we know this change will only make our Daily News community better. Comments See All Comments [Discussion Guidelines ] To post your comments, please, Sign in . X

Editors' Picks Mets edge Yanks in Subway Series opener Daniel Murphy added some flourish to the Subway Series Monday night, tomahawking his bat into the turf as he ran to first after delivering the winning hit in the Mets' 2 1 victory over the Yankees at Citi Field.

Harper: Captain Wright's the ship for Mets The catch seemed destined to be another moment that defined the baseball pecking order in New York. Certainly the way the season has gone, Brett Gardner's spectacular catch was proof this would be another night when the Yankees and Mets would go their separate ways.

The other '42' bids farewell to Flushing Mariano Rivera's retirement tour continued Monday with the iconic final player in baseball ever to wear No. 42 seated in front of a giant blue version of his number inside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi Field.

Indiana's George taken to LeSchool Apparently, defending Carmelo Anthony just isn't the same as trying to stop LeBron James. Paul George, the Pacers' small forward, has emerged as the rising young star of the NBA playoffs, with his strong defensive performance against Anthony in the second round.

Bondy: Torts' future linked to Henrik's The rules regarding the media and John Tortorella are brutally clear: If you ask the Ranger coach any questions about his struggling players, about injuries, about lineups or opponents, you will quickly be told to kiss his butt, which did not have such a great season behind the bench.

PHOTOS: Dan's the man! Murph's hit gives Mets Subway win The first Subway Series meeting of 2013 didn't lack for drama. But Daniel Murphy's 8th inning hit, which followed David Wright's HR sealed it, 2 1 for the Mets.

IT'S GRATUITOUS! Met ace is dating ANNE V! Each week we scour the wide world of sports looking for a little sports related eye candy to spice up the Sunday newspaper. Here is a collection of our 'Score' babes.

Subway Series Greatest Hits in PHOTOS News takes a look back at some of the most memorable moments from past battles between the Mets and Yankees for Big Apple bragging rights.

PHOTOS: Kanaan wins his first Indianapolis 500 Tony Kanaan drove past Ryan Hunter Reay on a restart with three laps to go, then coasted across the finish line under yellow when defending race winner Dario Franchitti crashed far back in the field.

PHOTOS: Rangers season ends in 3 1 loss to Bruins Lundqvist stopped 29 shots, but the Bruins still proved to be too much to handle for the Blueshirts, defeating them 3 1 and ending the series in five games.

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2015-Feb-3 - They pasted the

Sunday might not have been the playoffs

beat a great opponent the way we did, with all three phases stepping up when we needed to to make plays, that a complete team win, quarterback Drew Brees said. are the ones that just sharpen you, build confidence in you. question Sunday will be a confidence builder for the Saints.

Only seven times have the Saints won while turning the ball over three times with Payton on the sideline.

When the small things are done right, however, you can overcome malfunctions elsewhere.

So, while three turnovers turned into Cheap Snapbacks 17 San Francisco points, Cheap NFL Jerseys the Saints didn panic.

The defense kept the game close, allowing only 196 total yards, only 6 of 15 third down conversions and only 81 rushing yards.

The offense calmly, and efficiently, found a way to put Cheap Jerseys From China up nine points in the final 15 minutes, including a text book 47 yard drive with just 1:41 to play in the game that set up the winning field goal.

The special teams overcame an early fumble, one that led to a 49ers touchdowns, by returning a kickoff 82 yards to set up one of their own.

These are the games that help a team get from point A to point B and tell the players that it possible to think big.

So, while Payton can preach the platitude that Sunday was just another game, it wasn not a regular game, defensive end/outside linebacker Junior Galette said. is a team we know we might Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys see later on down the line. linebacker Curtis Lofton, guys won the NFC last year. They represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. So you see NFL Jerseys Supply where you stack up. AS you see today, we stack up against anybody. losing two of three to the Wholesale Nike Jerseys Patriots and Cheap Snapback Hats Jets, the Saints responded the way good teams respond. They pasted the Cowboys and held on in a brutally physical game against San Francisco.

They proven they can play both styles of games and, in doing so, sent a message to Seattle, currently the top team in the NFC.

New Orleans isn going anywhere and, barring something crazy in Atlanta on Thursday, will be fighting for the top seed come Dec. 2 in Century Link Field.

So, yes, there will be bigger games for the Saints.

more you win, the bigger the games will get, safety Roman Harper said. understand that. We got to continue Wholesale Snapbacks to win these. they proved they can do just that.

NFL Jerseys Wholesale
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2015-Feb-3 - plays for h

Cowboys v Cardinals

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) With the temperature outside reaching a record 114 degrees, the offenses inside University of Phoenix Stadium were anything but scorching.

There was a total of one touchdown, thrown by Dallas' fourth string quarterback, in the Arizona Cardinals' 12 7 victory over the Cowboys on Saturday.

Dallas committed six turnovers, five in the first half, but still allowed only 12 points, leaving Arizona's first year coach Bruce Arians to say it is "unacceptable" wholesale jerseys for his team to score nine points on cheap jerseys 51 first half plays.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, meanwhile, called his team's turnover total "inexcusable."

Here are five things we learned while watching this less than spectacular example of preseason football.

1. BOTH TEAMS STRONG ON D': A week after a 17 0 road win at Green Bay, the Cardinals had another strong defensive performance. Even on a pair of big plays by Dallas' offense, Arizona managed to create turnovers.

The first came when Tony Romo threw short to Lance Dunbar, who raced 43 yards downfield before being tripped up at the Arizona 7. As he went down, he lost the ball, but the officials ruled he was down by contact. Arians challenged and the ruling was overturned, with Arizona's Jerraud Powers recovering at the Cardinals 4.

Later, Romo threw deep to Dez Bryant, but Powers stripped the ball away and recovered.

"I want to be a type of guy to go out there and force turnovers and make plays," Powers said, "and we have a lot of guys on defense that can do that."

The Cowboys, meanwhile, kept the Cardinals out of the end zone despite giving them five extra possessions in the first half alone.

"We were put in difficult situations today, but those situations come with the game," Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr said. "It was just good practice for us with our backs to the wall."

2. BETHEL'S A BEAST: Arizona's Justin Bethel is a beast on special teams.

A sixth round draft pick in cheap nfl jerseys 2012 out of little Presbyterian, Bethel made the team with his special teams skills as a rookie and has been even better so far this year.

As the "gunner" on the punt team, he wreaks havoc downfield.

When Dave Zastudil lofted a 56 yard punt in the game's opening minutes, Bethel and special teams Pro Bowl player Lorenzo Alexander rushed downfield and zeroed in on retreating returner Dwayne Harris. Bethel got there first, stripping the ball and Arizona recovered to set up (what else) a field goal.

3. MOSTLY SHARP TONY: Even though he couldn't get his team in the end zone, Romo looked sharp for the most part, completing 7 of 10 for 142 yards with no interceptions. The lone bad play came when he missed a wide open Terrance Williams for what surely would have been a touchdown.

Romo indicated it wasn't all his fault.

"It was an adjustment route, so he has to see it a little differently," Romo said. "Obviously, if he runs that route, I have to adjust to that. It's part of learning. It's his first game and we'll have it down."

Pretty much every other pass was on the mark, although he and the rest of the Dallas starters have not scored this preseason.

4. LARRY'S LEARNING: Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald continues to have his frustrations as he works to learn not only a new offense, but two new positions as well.

The star receiver played the same position throughout his pro career until Arians arrived. Now, he's learning all three wide receiver positions so, Arians said, defenses will have a harder time double covering him.

Fitzgerald was upset with himself after the game for missing a "hot" read in a crucial situation.

"I have to be accountable and make sure I'm doing what I need to do so Carson can trust me," he said, "and I can make the plays for him."

Still, Fitzgerald had three catches for 44 yards.

5. BIG PLAY COWBOYS (ALMOST): The Cowboys' first unit hasn't scored a point, but they showed they can make big plays, if they can just hang on to the ball at the end.

The fumble by Dunbar at the 7 yard line and Bryant getting stripped by Powers as the receiver was going down were the two most costly of Dallas' six turnovers.

Garrett challenged the ruling on Bryant's fumble, but it was confirmed.

"It was a shame that they ended in turnovers," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, "because both wholesale nfl jerseys of them were the kind of plays I think we can get out of this offense."

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2015-Feb-3 - sports progr

founder of Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy resigns

Wallace. Thursday, it was Wallace's turn to walk away from the beleaguered Prime Prep Academy.

A letter posted to Prime Prep's website said Wallace's exit has been in the works since August. He wrote that that's when he notified the board's president that he would step down and focus on spending more time with his family and in his ministry.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my affiliation with Prime Prep Academy and will continue to volunteer my services to the school in any way possible as my schedule permits," Wallace said in his letter.

"However, with the increased desire to give more of myself to my family and the DFW community in other ways (particularly through ministry), I think it red bottom shoes is appropriate for me to take the final steps back to focus more of my attention on the same," he wrote.

T. Christopher Lewis, chairman of the board of directors at Uplift Fort Worth, thanked Wallace for his work and said it would be hard to see him go in a letter on Prime Prep's website. Uplift Fort Worth is the school's governing body.

"We are very thankful to Mr. Wallace for all he's done to help Prime Prep Academy," Lewis' letter says. "His presence, energy, intellect, and unique drive will be sorely missed. Although Mr. Wallace had drastically scaled back his involvement this year, he was always readily available any time the organization needed him."

Wallace and Lewis could not be reached for further comment Thursday night.

Sanders, the former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer whose "Prime Time" nickname inspired the school's name, had previously tried to have Wallace removed from his post. Sanders could not be reached Thursday.

Wallace's departure comes just days after Prime Prep parents berated school officials over the school's academics at a school board meeting. Prime Prep, which opened last year, failed to meet state standards at its schools in Dallas and Fort Worth.

In July, the NCAA declared former Prime Prep basketball players Jordan Mickey and Karviar Shepherd as nonqualifiers because of academic issues at Prime Prep.

The ups and downs at Prime Prep Academy in its first year also included a losing fight with the University Interscholastic League over participation in high school competition, a highly successful basketball team, an incomplete football season, the hiring of a former state Board of Education member and a significant drop louboutin replica in enrollment.

The school did boast a 100 percent christian louboutin shoes replica graduation rate among its first senior class of 15 students.

Inspired by Sanders' summer youth sports program, Prime Prep founders wanted a school that provided competitive athletics and high academic standards. It was designed to be a way out, red bottom shoes cheap particularly for students from poor inner city neighborhoods.

Last month, Sanders was accused of assaulting Prime Prep Academy's chief financial officer, Kevin Jefferson, during an Oct. 9 meeting at the school's Oak Cliff campus. The class C misdemeanor assault charge is punishable only by a fine.

In the wake of the incident, Sanders was temporarily ousted from his job as head football coach at the charter school, which was named after him. But he got his job back just hours after his removal, and school officials said his job duties would be expanded.

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